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... is there anybody home? No one is around, c'mon! They won't find you.

((OOC: Child!Lucy just smuggled this puppy into the Cathedral)).
I have sprouted three wings. Uh, someone keep an eye on Nyuu when I go to sleep.
Is my pony ready, Daniel? You didn't let the brat my brother take him, did you?
I feel better. No longer I want to destroy everything.

My horns... What happened to-

Uncle, are you alright?
I want a puppy! Can I search for one? I promise to look after it and kill anyone who harms it bathe it.

Nana, come out and help me! I don't want to be alone in this.
Ny~? :O

Nyuu~! NYUU~!


((OOC: Nyuu is scared about the rotting)).
You should have left when you had the chance, little idiot. You should have stayed with Kouta because I can't.

((OOC: Lucy's speaking about Nana. Strikeouts deleted)).
That was a long nap but I deserved it from doing bad things to you all. Sorry whoever I cut into bits during my uncle Rosiel's ritual.

I only wanted to make friends.

Nyuu huggles Nana~! ♥

Hai~! Hai~! :D

((OOC: Nyuu will, erm, take over Lucy for a week or so due to her participation in the ritual, Alexiel 'grounded' her that way. She just... fell in love with Nana, curse)).
Home. You are home.

I had no home for long (not since I escaped that orphanage), the world wasn't for me but for humans. If I wanted to live, I had to kill them first.

If I return, Nyuu will be happier. She'll have Kouta but I will die, I can't exist or his world is doomed to destruction. I don't want to return. I don't want to die now I've learned to enjoy life.

Someone took me as daughter. Lucifer and Alexiel. We're not a conventional family because we're not human.

Someone took me as niece. Rosiel. I don't care what the rest think, I have liked you since we met. I don't think you'll ever harm me, even if you think you would.

Someone took me as... friend. Alessa. We could have been sisters in many ways. Your guardian amuses me. He's the monster they have inside their hearts. Humans.

Henry. You're not that bad for a human. I don't desire to kill you anymore. You understood how was to live with horns.

Raphael & Michael. You two are obnoxious and I'm glad you don't stay in the Cathedral. I want to crush your wings with my vectors.

Jan Valentine. I wanted you gone because you were the first who cared for my welfare here. I could and can take care of myself. But I really thank you for... caring. It was strange to feel gratitude.