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Castitatis Lilium

Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison!

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Name: Kaede. Mostly known as Nyuu ('friendly' side) & Lucy (Diclonius side).
Age: Around 18 years old.
Status: Alive in the City (end of the Anime. I may mix Manga elements).
Series: Elfen Lied.
Housing: Building 12 rooftop.
Personal Relationship: In love with Kouta (Lucy. Nyuu's love is more sisterly than romantic).
Alignment: Villain/Neutral (Lucy). Victim (Nyuu).
Personality: Nyuu is pure innocence, she’s a child who has a strong empathy with other people’s pain and needs, trying to help them the best she can (sometimes wrongly but she has good intentions). Obviously, as an infant, she’s oblivious of how to take care of herself and to live an adult life (her vocabulary, for one, is very limited). She loves Kouta, but more out of guilt for the lost of his sister, wanting to replace her in his heart.

Lucy/Lily/Kaede is her real self: Violent, cold, arrogant, vicious in her destruction path. She hates humans at large and wants to destroy them (out of childhood trauma to be rejected by her horns and watching first hand the cruelty humans are capable of, even to innocent creatures). Lucy has extreme trust issues, because those she trusted had lied, betrayed or died on her. Thus, she prefers to not make attachments (not that many want to be close to her), and if she forms ties she’s utterly jealous and possessive over them. She’s a broken soul with a deadly genetic code who isn’t able to have empathy with people’s pain, not when her survival instinct is the most important.

But, despite the above, Lucy actually cares and regrets, not much, but she does. She aided Mayu and Nana into finding and staying in Kaede’s Inn (in her own, psycho way), a family she considers herself unworthy to have. Her remorse about killing Kouta’s family, not only keep her going to apology to him and creating a personality to replace the lost sister but, also, her love for the boy was able to defeat the purpose of what she was born. Lucy was going to allow herself to die so Kouta’s human world and his new family would live.

Plus, she likes puppies? >.>;

More information here.

RP Information:
The last thing Lucy recalls was the showdown that will end her life for Kouta's world. Yet that never came, her horns are back and she's not in Kamakura anymore.

Lucy believes she was captured and taken to the military installations where she is being experimented with while keeping her asleep with powerful drugs. Wrongly, she assumes that the City is fruit of that and that nothing’s real.

That explains why everyone she kills come back to life and everything she destroys regenerates.

Lucy has still violent reactions (particularly towards humans) but she has mellowed after understanding her destructive actions were fruitless.

Currently, after the age reversal day, Lucy (re-baptized as ‘Lily’) lives with her ‘adoptive’ parents: Lucifer and Alexiel. She plays along, still believing herself having realistic hallucinations.

Nyuu, as usual, has no idea what’s happening and only wishes to come back to the inn and glomp Kouta.